Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Dove Patches!

Today I have very strong video to share with all women out there. It basically is Dove's latest add campaign in which six women have been asked to wear Dove's Beauty Patch on their bodies on daily basis for 12 hours. The patch is suppose to make these women feel beautiful and confident.
In the end it was revealed that the patch was nothing and 

The Beauty is the state of Mind

Have a look at the video and tell me what do you think about it?  


Sunday, 13 April 2014

On My Plate- Zameer Ansari

Zameer Ansari Food

I love Food and exploring new places to eat be it high end restaurants, food chains or dhabas.  Today on my plate is Zameer Ansari's delicious food I go to this restaurant once in a week at least, its my favorite for desi food. The Ambiance is not so good, seats are just fine sitting arrangement is a bit odd. The place lacks a lot of good things but it makes it up to you in terms of scrumptious, fulfilling and finger licking good food. The service is great and very quick I must say.  My favorite things are Beef/chicken Fry Kabab, Beef Dhaga Kabab, Beef Gola Kabab and Bihari botis. The prices are reasonably good give this place a try you will love it if you love desi food.

Beef Dhaga Kabab @ Zameer Ansari
Beef Fry Kabab @ Zameer Ansari

 Tell me have you tried it? Whats your take on it? 

Monday, 7 April 2014

Matha Patti - Trend on the Rise

Matha Patti Trending

Matha Pattis:

Matha Patti  a key bridal trend for this year, seems like we are just not ready to give it up. We saw a variety of gorgeous styled matha pattis on this year’s ramp of Pakistan. Hassan Sheeryar Yaseen , Fahad Hussyan, Elan, Sahar Atif, House of Kamiar Rokni and Nomi Ansari all opted for beautiful and different styles of matha pattis for their models.

Don’t Know What Matha Patti Is?

A matha Patti is a traditional piece of jewelry worn on the forehead, which goes along the hair line and is usually accompanied with a tika. It can consist of one or more chains, gems and stones. It can be made of Gold, Kundan, Silver, Copper or any other metal. Matha pattis comes in variety of styles from Persian to Rajhistani and in variety of designs.
Nowadays, we see most of the brides have replaced the jhoomar with matha pattis of gorgeous and exquisite styles. Matha pati is sure a beautiful addition to the attire of a bride but it does not suite everyone, if you are planning to get one for yourself make sure you go and give it a try before purchasing one. In Karachi you can get matha pattis from Tariq Centre, Tariq Road, Gulf, Saddar and you can also get it made to order from your jeweler.

 Tell me guys are you digging into this trend? 
Disclosure: The Article was written for Bridal Lounge